Free Sock Knitting Patterns. Explore our glorious gallery of free sock knitting patterns that will certainly keep you on your toes! From stripy to fair isle, thick and chunky to fine and soft, our cosy collection features foot flattering patterns for all abilities from well known brands to independent designers%(K).

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Handpainted Softspun – Handpainted Softspun is a 2 Ply light worsted weight wool yarn that is handpainted by the Fleece Artist, and will yield 5 stitches to the inch. It is a 25 micron wool and is soft enough to wear next to the skin.
These wool socks feature stylish patterns and 4 Pairs 71% Premium Large Crew Wool Socks Merino Wool Hiking Trekking Crew Socks Made in USA People Socks. by People Socks. $ - $ $ 29 $ 35 00 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible .
Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric for use in many types of garments.. Knitting creates multiple loops of yarn, called stitches, in a line or theotherqi.cfng has multiple active stitches on the needle at one time. Knitted fabric consists of a number of consecutive rows of intermeshing of loops.
Rocking these wool socks will not only make you the center of attention but the warmest person at the party! These socks are one size fits all and will comfortably fit a women's 6 to a men's Please note that due to the handmade nature of these socks, some pairs may slightly fluctuate in size.
Our selection of ladies' wool socks includes a wide variety of pure wool and wool blend socks, in Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora, Merino and more. Wool is an ideal material for socks as it is warm but also breathable and wicks moisture away from the feet keeping them dry and comfortable.
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Knee high over the knee black wool socks with pattern - brand new. AU $ Make Offer. Sponsored Listings. Women Winter Socks Christmas Gift Warm Wool Sock Cute Snowflake Deer Comfortable. AU $ Lady's Wool Braid Over Knee Socks Thigh Highs Hose Stockings Twist Warm WinterLJ. Keep cosy with women's wool socks.

Knit a tube for a gauge swatch. If you want the felted sock to fit, this is very important. With your yarn and double-pointed needles DPNs cast on enough stitches to make a tube about 10 inches around. Join the stitches together in a circle, and knit a tube about 5 inches long. Measure the number of stitches and rows per inch.

These numbers are your gauge. For example, if you cast on 50 stitches to make a circumference of 10 inches, the stitch gauge is five stitches per inch. If you knit 25 rows to make the tube 5 inches long, the row gauge is five rows per inch. Write down these numbers. Also measure the circumference and length of the tube and write down these dimensions.

Put the tube in a pillowcase, knot the case closed and wash in a washing machine with hot water and soap. Wool felts with water, friction and soap, so add towels, blue jeans or even tennis balls to the washer to make more friction during the wash cycle.

Wash the tube until you get a result that you like, then let it dry completely. If you can start and stop your washing machine, you can check the progress of the felting during the washing portion, and determine if it needs more felting before the rinse cycle. If you can't stop your machine, just let it finish whole cycle. Calculate the stitch and row gauge of the felted swatch.

For example, if the sample tube is now 8 inches around, the stitch gauge after felting is 6. If the tube is now 4 inches long, the row gauge is 6. Thanks again for sharing this note. This is the kind of stuff-your post and the wonderful letter-that non-knitters just don't appreciate, but that keeps us knitters going! Thanks so much to both of you. Sweet message from Beverly.

Another reason for sock knitting: I can keep knitting wool in the summer. It's too hot and humid to knit any woolie thing bigger than socks in the summer. What a nice email! Your Monkey sock is gorgeous. It almost looks like gems are on it. Anything I have to say seems banal after reading Beverly's note, but I knit socks, too. Do you find wearing handknit socks makes you feel more self-confident?

Plus I store my tiny balls of leftover sock yarn in a plastic box, and seeing them there is kind of cheerful. I work in my LYS, and my boss asked me, "Don't all those little balls of yarn kind of make you happy? That's such a lovely letter from Beverly! You and your sock drawer have been an inspiration to so many, myself included! I never thought I would be a "sock knitter" but I cast on my 3rd pair last night!

The first were sport weight, and the second were tube socks for my daughter, so these are my first "my size" in sock weight - feels like a milestone! As Beverly requested, is there somewhere with a list of places you are scheduled for classes?

I can't think of a greater email than the one you received. It must have warmed your heart and your needles: You are an inspiration to so many. I think it would be great if you had a video class on making socks! Thanks for all you do deb. I also love knitting socks for all the reasons you have stated.

I also love giving them as gifts. Do you have a tutorial or video on darning socks? I am still trying to learn how to do that and would love if you could show us how you do yours. What a great note from Beverly. I love your blog and podcast! I love this post! What a wonderful note from Beverly -- I'm so glad you were able to share that. I also enjoy looking at your sock drawer and socks on the needles.

I wish this post came about a week earlier, as I'm attempting my 2nd ever set of man's socks, and your notes would have been helpful. My first set, for my dad, turned out decidedly too big.

I'm almost done with the first sock in the set I'm doing now for myself, and I think it's going to be too small. I cast on 88 socks for Dad and 64 socks for me. I'm switching to your recipe and going to try It's OK, it's just yarn. I'll finish up the sock I'm working on save the kitchner bind off and try it on, just to confirm it's definitely too big, rip it all out, and start over. Some day, I'll have a full sock drawer, too.

And so will my wife. Loving this post for so many reasons. Knitting is a rhythmic, relaxing activity for me. My job is fast paced and intense. Knitting gives me a place to run away to after work. I love knitting socks for many of the same reasons; small, portable, quick, easy to memorize. My sock drawer caontains about pairs.

My first pair of men's socks are on the needles. A gift for a Madison man I love very much. The men in your family have much larger feet than mine though! It warms my heart to know that teachers never stop teaching, or being the student. Beverly is an inspiration indeed. The heart of knitters brings warmth to my soul and tears to my eyes now dripping into my coffee. What a lovely letter. It made my heart happy.

Although I've known "of your work" for awhile, I've only just now started following your blog. After watching you work on Operation Sock Drawer and seeing all your adorable little creations, I felt you are a woman after my own heart. Oh, to be able to knit for a living. You're truly an inspiration and a kindred spirit to many.

Hugs from Sunny Southern California! I really enjoyed the note from Beverly. What we teach matters and is a gift we give and receive. I just finished knitting my 5th pair of socks and cast on for the next pair. I have a hat box full of sock yarn and I always want more. I agree with all 10 of your reasons for loving to knit socks. I also love how customizable they are. You can choose different heels, toes, cuffs and patterns for the leg and foot. They are as much fun as legos and dressing paper dolls used to be.

Thank you for sharing your "sock drawer" and Beverly's story. I so look forward to reading your blog posts. I knit one sock a few years ago, I really do need to make it a pair. Have a great day. I woke today to see that I had a post from your blog in my emails and it was the first I opened. I love seeing the sock report I aspire to be you when I grow up ; I want a sock drawer just like yours.

Currently I have one drawer full and I have 3 different pairs of socks going on my needles. This year I have staying with my mom who is in her late 80's and am always amazed at the delight she takes in knitting and sewing. On days when she doesn't have the energy to knit she still helps me untangling balls of yarn and picking colors.

I hope that I will have a couple pair of socks going when I reach this age and that I take such comfort in my fiber.

What a great email to receive! I have knit so many things, socks being a favorite for all the reasons you gave plus they are wonderful for giving away as gifts. If it was not for your encouragement and range of things you do I am not sure what kind of knitter I would be. Thanks to you there is no project I can't tackle, sweaters or shawls, socks and toys, the sky is the limit!

I've never been afraid to try any project and I thank you for helping me succeed. Thanks so much for all of your comments. Knitters are so heartwarming. I have another reason for knitting socks: I LOVE the reaction I get from recipients after they wear a pair of my hand-knit socks for the first time. People who have commented on or in the case of my daughters - have been embarrassed by my knitting in public, no longer care where I knit as long as they keep getting socks.

What a great email and thank you for creating a calendar of your teaching events. I live in Dubuque, Iowa, just a little more than an hour from Madison, and would love to take one of your classes - I just find out about them either as they're happening or after. My Stitch 'n' Bitch friends and I have talked about making a trip to attend a workshop or weekend, so now I know where to come to plan it. And can I just add my thanks too for all of your work. I make hats for of my friends when they have babies and they're always out of your Itty-Bitty Baby Hats book.

I made my nephew the snowman hat for Christmas when he was living in El Paso, Texas, and my sister-in-law said they were stopped everywhere they went. Beverly's note is so inspiring. It reinforces my desire to pursue teaching kids to knit when I retire. Additional reasons I love to knit socks - they actually keep my feet warm!! Such an awesome letter from Beverly we need more teachers like her in our childrens lives.

Thank you also Susan for all that you do to inspire us follow knitters. What a great email - and thanks for creating a calendar of your upcoming teaching events. I live in Dubuque, Iowa, just a little more than an hour from Madison, and my Stitch 'n' Bitch friends have been wanting to take one of your classes for a long time. Now we know where to go to plan it.

I'd also like to say thank you for your work.

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