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All I know is that I will continue writing my letters to you until I find my soul.

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.
Ada Kokosar & Other Stories Revealing the inspiration and muses behind the capsule collection designed by Ada Kokosar for & Other Stories. Available September 17th.
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This Library of America series edition is printed on acid-free paper and features Smyth-sewn binding, a full cloth cover, and a ribbon marker. Willa Cather: Stories, Poems, & Other Writings is kept in print by a gift from William Rondina to the Guardians of American Letters Fund.
Dec 29,  · Includes VCI Video Advert (Featuring Rosie and Jim, Thomas, Sooty and Sesame Street) Thames Video warning screen Thames Video logo Sooty intro Note: All (C) goes to .
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I was expecting to cut myself anytime I was so nervous. And besides, it would also be a shame if you didn't considering all the training I've put you through these last couple of months, don't you think? I promise I will be extra careful! She stepped forward a bit, seeing to it so that her cunt was directly above his face as he looked up.

Spreading her legs, she lowered herself onto his face, slowly ending up smothering him with her pussy. He would have no problems pleasurering her now. At the same time the very tip of his tongue was finding its way in between her cunt lips, she slowly started to rub her cunt against him, playing with her clitoris as she did. Her son started making slurping noises as he almost drank from her, clearly enjoying the rich taste of her flowing and hot juices.

If she hadn't been so eager to have her cunt licked, she would have let him start out by sucking on her nipples. Now she had to play with them by herself for a while. She always needed to give them some attention. Her son was doing a great job showing her neither region some attention as well, pushing his face harder against his mother's cunt, getting his small but very quick tongue even further inside of her, his mouth having swallowed most of her wetness by now, but still getting as much as he could ever want.

Soon, she put her hand on the back of her son's head and pushed him even harder against her cunt as her knees started to shake, her orgasm being a big one. She shut her eyes and stopped breathing for a moment, not knowing or feeling anything else but the extreme pleasures her body was going through.

She was gushing more of her juices into his face as she came, not caring if he could breathe or not, she just wanted him there, to keep licking her as she was rubbing herself against his face.

William was more than OK where he was, in fact, he loved every second of it! Although he did have some trouble breathing, but he knew his mom would let go sooner or later. She finally did let go of him, not being able to move much as she was enjoying the afterglows, but soon stumbling backwards towards his bed where she sat down.

When she opened them she noticed her son using one of his hands to rub his cock, the mess she'd made on his face, some of it having dripped onto the floor, quickly making her feel excited again. Her son stood up and walked towards her.

It still was very hard, and very close to it's full length, but she could still feel it growing in her hand as she applied more pressure to it, and that excited her even more.

Holding his cock firmly in her hand, leaning forwards, she moved the foreskin back, exposing its light pink head and started to tease him by pushing the tip of her tongue inside of the small hole, then licking the underside of the head for a few seconds, before she finally took his whole cock inside her mouth. She didn't have any problems with taking it all in, his cock not being much bigger than one of her fingers.

Keeping her right hand on his butt, she made all kinds of circling motions with her tongue on his penis, as he would call it, at least while in front of her, and she enjoyed it tremendously. Meanwhile, she had two of her fingers going in and out of her wet cunt. She stopped sucking him and started to masturbate him again, and soon after that, cum started to shoot out from the top of his cock. The first and biggest shot of clear, warm liquid landed on her right breast. Immediately she moved her other hand a bit, and the next landed safely there in the palm of her big, adult hand.

Smaller squirts followed quickly after that, but now she didn't have much trouble collecting all of the semen that possible could come from his tiny balls. When it was almost over, only small driblets of cum leaking out of his cock, she made sure to milk it all out.

She savored it for a few seconds. She'd always liked the taste of cum. Without gagging she swallowed it all down in one gulp, shivering as it found its way down her throat.

Promise me you don't waste any of your precious cum, masturbating while you're in school Save it all up for mommy, OK? Now, I think it's time for someone to hit the shower? She reached towards her panties, and then stood up, giving her son a motherly kiss on the forehead.

She left his room, leaving him alone to finish his gaming. End of chapter 1. Read times Rated In a packed auditorium in the Dome Theatre of the Visualisation Centre we witnessed the historic moment when the New Horizons space probe passed Pluto, thanks to OpenSpace, a software system developed at LiU.

An advanced interactive arena offers politicians, scientists and planners technical support in meetings where difficult decisions are to be taken. This might concern urban planning, resource management or measures to adapt to a changing climate. Sound can be used to simplify understanding of a visual representation of research data, or to improve the outcome of an interaction between human and a machine.

To use sound in this way is called sonification. Seeing organ function SOF is a visionary project with ambitious goals. By starting with a medical problem we work interdisciplinary, linking medical research and clinical use with novel technique. The Immersive Visualization group is conducting research and development in a range of technologies to create an immersive and engaging visualization of data.

Our research is about teaching and learning science with visualizations. We focus on biology and molecular sciences, and are interested in both learning with and design of visualizations. One of the main research directions in the Media Design and Image Reproduction area concentrates on the use of information-intensive systems, exploring and evaluating new concepts for interaction and information design in a variety of contexts. We develop novel analysis, visualization and exploration techniques for a better understanding and communication of large data.

Ourprimary interest is how computer graphics displays and interaction mechanisms, together with mathematical analysis methods can support the visualization process. The computer graphics and image processing group is driving a number of research projects directed towards the development of theory and methodology for image capture, image analysis and image synthesis.

The research at MIT is conducted in groups that focuses on a separate aspect of visual information technology, but not isolated from each other. The collaborative atmosphere involves both basic and application oriented research. Work within interaction design focus on user experience.

The research also studies how visualisation of huge quantities of data can be experienced as reliable decision-support information, and how the expertise of the user can be exploited. Media technology deals with images as carrier of large quantities of information. Research encompasses graphic design and art, the quality of reproductions and advanced colour theory as well as visualization for flat screens and dome theatres in 3D. The CMIV mission is to develop future methods and tools for image analysis and visualization for applications within health care and medical research.

Consists of five actors: But love at work? Most people shy away from the notion, leery of romance in the workplace although we know it occurs often. What we need at work, however, is love founded on caring, concern, and camaraderie. Such relationships are full of trust and generosity, a source of delight, and make work fun.

The author and psychologist Shawn Achor says it straightforwardly: Our brains function better; we are more creative and adaptable; we have more energy, make smarter decisions, and better manage complexity.

Happy people perform better than their unhappy peers. These things will help us create workplaces that honor our humanity and foster common decency and sustainable success, workplaces in which ideas, needs, and desires matter—as does happiness.

She is the author of and a coauthor of and. Two things really struck me about this work, Annie, and what I've found in my own world. But, when you CAN talk about love at work - as caring, concern and camaraderie as you write - the results are a whole bunch of good. But, once they try it, they get it.. From day one , I found spirit, friendship, care and big picture social impact within its physical doors and throughout its broader global mission.

I have found "my people" and see the sort of love you write about in every interaction I have through my work there. And, from that core community, you'll see that love shared globally only reverberates via livestream and social content etc. It's incredible - and, yes, they'd make a great case study for thriving nonprofit culture - and yes, being connected with them has only made me happier and more productive in all else I do.

I am so glad more research like yours is being done to show that people DO have the tools to change their own lives in this way.

We understand that getting your car fixed or buying new tires can be overwhelming. We pride ourselves on being your number one choice for any auto repair.

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