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See the latest 5 Seconds of Summer news and updates on the Sydney rock band's members including Luke Hemmings, plus more on 5SOS' songs and tour.
5 Seconds of Summer: Calum Hood, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin. Photograph: Tony Mott/EMI T heir music has been described as “ stupidly catchy ” and “ blandness in its purest form ”.
See the latest 5 Seconds of Summer news and updates on the Sydney rock band's members including Luke Hemmings, plus more on 5SOS' songs and tour.
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With new single 'Want You Back' just around the corner, here's all the latest information and rumours you need to know about 5SOS's new album including song titles, tracklisting, collaborations and release date.

I've heard success from that address, but I've also heard that it took a long time to get a reply. I don't really get the whole being famous thing ,to me its kinda like being in high school again.

I like 5sos but I don't nessarly crush on them an make them my idols because yeah there music is pretty good awesome but there honestly just ppl. Its funny how you guys call yourselves punk rock yet when there was a rainbow outside at one of your concerts you quickly took a selfie with it before the show. I love 5 seconds of summer.

I love their music and their personalities. I don't know what ill do if they ever break up. These boys inspired me to stop self harming and if it wasn't for me finding Luke Michael Ashton and Callum I may not be alive right now.

But I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. I love you guys so much. I wish I could meet you. I live in Georgia I am 13 years old. On 26 June, their first EP was released. Playing in Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. On 21 August, the boys posted a video, updating their fans on what they had been up to. They had been writing new songs for their upcoming EP and they had their first single coming out, which they weren't supposed to tell anyone yet.

Michael told their fans that they were going to be on NOVA doing some covers and maybe Hot30, both radio stations in Australia. On 11 September, the boys posted a video, letting their fans know that they would be the opening act for the Australian leg of Hot Chelle Rae's Whatever World Tour. On 11 December, the boys posted a video of behind the scenes footage of their second EP Launch and announced that they going to go live in London to work on the debut album.

On 2 January, Michael dyed his hair for the first time, going from blonde to brown, he posted a picture to his Instagram. The video was filmed while they were in London. On 3 May, Michael and the boys posted a video to their official YouTube Channel, announcing that Heartbreak Girl hit 1 million views and thanking all their fans, as this was their first video to ever hit 1 million views. On 13 June, Michael dyed his hair blonde again, but only for a day according to his Instagram post.

The boys split into two groups Michael and Calum Vs. Out of the two groups Michael and Calum ate the most, but neither team could finish the giant burger.

On 28 September, Michael dyed his hair bright blue. The video showed the boys doing a gorilla gig in the park, it also showed them playing their first Sydney show, which was their first gig played in front of their parents in an arena. On 21 October, Michael dyed his hair bright pink, posting a picture to his Instagram.

The video showed the boys being dorks while touring around Los Angeles, they dressed up as superheroes and drove around Hollywood Boulevard. Michael dressed up as Spider-Man. The video showed other things the boys got up to in their costumes, including taking Ketchup to be properly groomed at a salon. By the mid-November Michael's bright pink hair had faded to a very light pink. The video included the boys ducking out 1 minute before they were due on stage to look at a rainbow and take a photo.

On 21 November, the boys announced that they were officially signed on with Capitol Records. The livestream was full of balloons, music, and cake. On 10 January, Michael and the boys arrived back in LA. While doing the radio tour, the boys would play an acoustic version of She Looks So Perfect. On 23 February, it was announced that the Stars, Stripes and Maple Syrup Tour was sold out, the boys were very grateful to all their fans.

On 11 June, Michael dyed his hair green, posting a picture to his Twitter account. I t's a Thursday night in June and a chorus of boos is swamping the Troxy theatre in east London. A group of baby-faced pop-punk revivalists from Australia have scooped best international newcomer at the Kerrang!

An updated Busted with global appeal and better looks, they are the logical next step for 1D fans who have entered their teens and fancy something a little less tepid; who want songs about snogging in libraries and hating their hometowns. Thankfully for 5SOS, those kind of fans exist in abundance: Their debut single topped the iTunes charts in 39 countries on pre-orders alone, while their self-titled debut album was only prevented from entering the UK charts at No 1 by all-conquering internet overlord Ed Sheeran.

They've got the right media backing, too: George Ergatoudis, the head of music at Radio 1 and 1Xtra, became a supporter following reports that the band's early gigs were a hive of hysteria "There's something serious going on, because the fans are rabid and there's a lot of them," was one BBC staff member's response on seeing them play, he says.

So how did they get to this point? On 3 December , the trio play their first gig at a local hotel in front of 12 people. After recruiting drummer Irwin via Facebook messages, they begin to take the band more seriously, writing their own material, playing venues across Sydney, uploading more covers and watching their social media fanbase grow. What happened next, however, was more of a leap.

Following an Australian tour with US band Hot Chelle Rae , 5SOS went from being a group of web-savvy teens with a growing following at home to trekking across the globe to live in London. They were then invited on One Direction's Take Me Home arena tour, and within the space of 10 weeks, the band went from playing a mid-sized venue in Adelaide to the 20,capacity O2 Arena in London.

That's more or less all that we're allowed to know for now. It becomes clear that those who work for Modest are kept more under lock and key than the prisoners of Alcatraz.

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